Ruanla Consulting is the result of the goal of enabling young people from Thailand to complete further education or training in Germany. Likewise, the Office of Vocational Trainings Commission, Ministry of Education Bangkok often sends students from Thai hospitality colleges here in Germany to an internship in companies we select. We allways take care them and support in all affairs. Thus, upon their return, they can inform all students where the differences are and what they pay attention to especially in Germany. In Thailand, we also attend colleges to gain experience on how to bring education systems together. The aim is to counteract the shortage of skilled workers in Germany by attending German courses in Thailand, by seeking cooperation companies for training courses here in Germany, thus ensuring the training and development of later skilled workers. Thailand is ready and offers friendly, ambitious and motivated people. Due to their open and helpful menthality, we have only been able to make good experiences in the previous companies. In the interests of good education and training, we are always ready to support you in all matters.


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3 trips for the Office of the Vocational Education Commission, Ministry of Education

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Student trip 2022 in Mannheim/Heidelberg with LEONARDO Group

Bakery lesson with our friend Dr. Yingsak. In Thailand just mention the name Chef Yingsak and everyone breaks into a smile. Flamboyant Dr. Yingsak is the best known chef in Thailand. He is the owner of the Thai & International Food Academy and has his own TV cooking show. Cooking at his academy is an international experience as people come from all over to study at his school.
02.12.2021 – International Economic Partnership and Educational Networking Conference on “The Direction of Education and Human Resources Development of Thailand in the 21st Century for the Changing in the VUCA World of Work

2019 Training about differences about Germany and Thailand, Hygiene course, Safety, few German words, Programme in the cooperation companies

2019 Training in the Cooperation companies.

OVEC Thai German Training 2019 in Bonn. Welcome the students in Frankfurt, teaching in driving the train and explain the German products 

2019 Visiting Haus der Geschichte Bonn to explain the German History 1945- now

2019 The Assistant Secretary General and the senior advisor from OVEC office of the vocational training visited all students to talk about the experiences in the trainings

2019 After one week we talked in the group about the experiences and differences in the trainings. All students explained that the training is so nice and the stuff around them show them all. The motivation  is very high

2019 Last evening: Time for the certificates with the General Managers from GINYUU and Marriott Bonn. Ginyuu invited for diner together

2019 Accompanying the delegation to the GLW Training Center Bonn Siegburg. And the BIBB federal institute for vocational training in Bonn. Very much important informations about the German system of Vocational trainings and a lot of possibilities to work together

2018 Visiting German college in Bangkok

August 2018: SEAMEO (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organizations) conference between Thailand and Indonesia. Presentation of different colleges about cooperation between Thailand and Indonesia

2017 Preparing students for the OVEC Training. 37 students from technical colleges and hospitality hospitals and their teachers can share experiences in Germany

2017 Visiting Frankfurt with all students and teachers

2017 Visiting Mannheim and Heidelberg and the Mannheim Airport

2017 Technical students visited the biggest chemical company headquarter BASF

2017 Training for the hospitality students in tiger and dragon restaurant Heidelberg. And after that meeting and discussion about vocational training system in Germany

2017 Technical students visited a college in Stuttgart and the Bibliothek of Stuttgart

2017 Training in Ginyuu Restaurant Stuttgart for the hospitality students. Great job !!

2017 Visiting Porsche and Mercedes Stuttgart with all students and teachers

2017 Thank you for invitation in Eamla Or Vocational college. A wonderful and delicious cooking presentation. Thanks a lot

2017 Visit of ministry of education Bangkok, ministry of finance Bangkok, ministry of foreign affairs, Thai embassy Berlin in Ginyuu Stuttgart, presentation of the casual cooking concept and the possibility to work together in trainings

2016 Don Bosco College Bangkok final Examens for BMW and Mercedes for mechanics

2016 OVEC Office of Vocational Training Education Bangkok . Meeting about Ginyuu Program

2016 Visiting chuenchom Thai German college. Work together in Ginyuu Programme. Visit together with chamber of commerce AHK Bangkok


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